Tony G will have his most iconic poker phrases as NFTs in the Lympo NFT Athlete Pool

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3 min readMar 17, 2021

Businessman, poker star, former European Parliament member, politician, investor, early crypto adopter, and philanthropist Tony G deserves his own shrine in the Lympo world!

He was there at the beginning; he was there when the times were tough; he is here now!

As a child, Tony was the Rubik’s Cube champion of Lithuania before moving to Melbourne, Australia, at the age of 11. He has played poker since the age of 18 and is known for his outlandish table talk and frequent attempts at intimidation of his opponents.

Some of the notable Tony’s achievements:

  • 2004 WPT — Grand Prix de Paris — 2nd place
  • 2005 European Poker Championships — 1st place
  • 2006 Intercontinental Poker Championship — Grand Final — 2nd place
  • 2006 Betfair Asian Poker Tour — 1st place
  • 2007 World Series Of Poker — Europe, London — 3rd place
  • 2007 Moscow Millions, Main Event — 1st place
  • 2008 Shining World Leadership Award
  • 2008 PartyPoker Premier League Poker III — 2nd place
  • 2009 40th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2009, Anniversary Event — 10th place
  • 2009 EPT — Grand Final (Monte Carlo), High Roller Championship — 3rd place
  • 2010 Aussie Millions Poker Championship, A$100k Challenge — 5th place
  • 2010 The Poker Lounge, Episode 10–1 place
  • 2010 WPT London High Roller — 2nd place
  • 2011 readers recognized him as the Lithuanian of the World
  • 2011 Business švyturys Award
  • 2012 Aussie Millions Poker Championship, A$100k Challenge — 4th place
  • 2012 PartyPoker Premier League Poker V — 5th place
  • 2015 POLITICO 28 list (28 people from the European Union’s 28 member states who are transforming European politics)
  • 2016 A. Guoga was included in the POLITICO 40 list as one of the most influential MEPs
  • 2017 MEP Antanas Guoga, the only member of the European Parliament and Lithuanian to be included in the TOP 200 list of Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs, compiled by the positive content portal Richtopia

Tony G NFTs

Lympo Athlete NFT pool #1 edition consists of 5 Athlete cards ranged from common to extremely rare:

There will be additional incentives to the Tony G NFT holders (to be announced when the pool is live).

There is also a one-of-a-kind GOAT type NFT that will be auctioned. All of the funds collected from the auction will go to the charity.

One of a kind — to be auctioned
Legendary: 5 units
Epic: 25 units
Rare: 100 units
Uncommon: 1,000 units
Common: 5,000 units

The rarer the collectible, the better stats it will have in the upcoming Lympo ecosystem.

Athlete NFT Pool

Holders of our new Lympo Market Tokens (LMT) will be able to mint NFT collectibles of various real-life world-class athletes who will go down in history books as world champions, stars, influencers, or enthusiasts.

We already (before the product is even launched) have more than 10 (and growing!) top-level athletes, teams, and personalities with a combined social media following of more than 20 million people around the globe!

We are going to reveal them one-by-one. Each and every-one is more unique and colorful.

LMT Offering

LMT offering starts on 19 March 2021, 6:00 PM, GMT+0, ends on 22 March 2021, 6:00 PM, GMT+0

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Lympo official

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