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Weekly Roundup — August 23th, 2021

Hey, Lympo community,

We’ve been teasing you about the upcoming Lympo GOAT NFT Auctions for a while now. That’s why we’re excited that we’ve finally been able to release more information about it today! If you’ve missed the announcement, please visit

And now let’s look back on last week in a new Weekly roundup, shall we?

Last week’s recap

Get yourself some new Lympo NFTs!

Lympo has introduced new sets of Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic & Legendary NFTs of kickboxing world champion Anissa Meksen, World Record holder Rhiannon Lovelace and newly introduced European undefeated super-lightweight boxing champion Sam Maxwell. Higher tier NFTs of Anissa and Rhiannon sold out quickly, but we still have some “Rare” NFTs left. And just today, we have introduced Sam Maxwell NFTs, so you still have a chance to grab both the higher and lower tiers collectable cards on the Lympo NFT platform.

All the additional funds collected during this period will be used for the upcoming NFT staking feature, to mint Star Tokens or to mint LMTs. This way, all the funds will funnel back to the community via our NFT staking events.

If you have staked and/or locked LMT tokens and you want to know how to purchase Lympo NFTs, click here to find out how to do so.

Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse at The Nifty Show 🎬

From the hosts of The Bad Crypto Podcast, Joel Comm and Travis Wright bring you the latest information on all types of non-fungible tokens. The NiFTy Show is the first of its kind, which started out in mid-2020. From Crypto Kitties and Garbage Pail Kids to Blockchain Heroes and NBA Top Shot NFTs, as well as everything in between. And now Lympo got added to that list too!

Tune in here to watch the full episode. Lympo’s CEO Ada Jonuse starts speaking at 33:33 minutes.

P.S. One of the host reveals that he owns a collection of Lympo NFTs!

Collin Dagba’s Legendary NFT card was sold for 5.500 USD

Paris Saint-Germain defender Colin Dagba tweeted that his legendary NFT card was sold for USD 5500. Lympo NFTs are clearly getting more and more traction on OpenSea, as other Athlete NFTs are being sold for equally high prices.

Lympo x ApeSwap Reddit AMA session

As you already know, Lympo has joined the ApeSwap jungle. Last week, we organised an AMA session with ApeSwap’s Biz Dev Director Julian and Lympo’s CEO Ada Jonuse. Did you miss it? You can read the full AMA session over here. Oh, and stay tuned for much more activities with ApeSwap!

Looking ahead

As announced today, Lympo will auction GOAT NFTs of 13 athletes from all around the world and different disciplines: Eddie Hall (strongman, UK), Rose Namajunas (mixed martial artist, US), Tony G (poker, Australia, Lithuania), Colin Dagba (soccer, France), Dariya Klishina (long jumper, Russia), Anthony Pettis (mixed martial artist, USA), Samuel Maxwell (boxer, UK), Zydrunas Savickas (strongman, Lithuania), Moussa Diaby (soccer, France), Alexandra Trusova (figure skater, Russia), Rhianon Lovelace (powerlifter, UK), Anissa Meksen (kickboxer, France), Sergej Maslobojev (kickboxer, Lithuania). In total, the auction sports stars unite 17 million followers on social media, whom they plan to engage with in this exceptional opportunity for sports fans worldwide.

Lympo GOAT NFTs will also play a powerful role in Lympo’s NFT ecosystem: staking these NFTs will reward you with the highest number of tokens in the upcoming Lympo NFT staking events. This number can increase up to 50%, depending on the NFT sale price. This attaches additional value to the NFTs, which can later be reclaimed in the form of crypto tokens in our upcoming staking events.

For more information please check, lets go!




Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs.

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Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs

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