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Weekly Roundup — March 28th, 2022

Dear community,

We are coming back with yet another Weekly Roundup! The week has gone by so fast with a lot of exciting news to share.

Guillem Balague Joins Lympo

Last week we have introduced the newest member joining the Lympo family — an award-winning football author and pundit Guillem Balague. Guillem is a world-renowned football journalist and for over 20 years he has been a key figure in Spanish football coverage.

Guillem has written many bestsellers, including “Cristiano Ronaldo, the Biography”, “A Season on the Brink”, and “Brave New World — Inside Pochettino’s Spurs”. And to honor his extraordinary career, Lympo is launching a collection of Guillem Balague digital sports cards.

Guillem is going to donate all proceeds to help support his ‘second family’ Biggleswade United FC. Guillem Balague is hoping the partnership will help sustain the club further and provide them with funds and resources to continue their ever-growing developments on and off the pitch.

Lympo x Blowfish Studios Partnership

Last week, we have partnered up with Blowfish Studios. Blowfish Studios is an award-winning independent developer and publisher of high-quality multi-platform games, including Qbism, Siegecraft, Morphite, Projection: First Light, Storm Boy, and other popular titles.

With this partnership, we are planning to develop play-to-earn blockchain games that utilize Lympo NFTs and $LMT as in-game assets.

Taking advantage of capabilities offered by non-fungible tokens allows us to create unique opportunities for cross-game interaction that brings value and rewards to the player.

This will enable all Lympo NFT & $LMT holders to have additional utility for their assets and the opportunity to earn real-world rewards through gameplay.

Lympo x Pawnfi Partnership

Last week, we have also announced our partnership with Pawnfi — the first DeFi product which introduces the pawn concept, and a brand-new lending and leasing market to provide fair appraisal and liquidity for Non-Standard Assets (NSA).

With this partnership, the Lympo gaming system would be able to easily leverage Pawnfi’s mature lease and referral function, game-fi users would be endowed with a native marketplace to utilize their Sports NFTs by accessing more user scenarios, and more sport and eSport athletes could monetize their digital exposure.

Lympo will be able to utilize Pawnfi functions to broaden the utility for Lympo NFT holders, such as borrowing an athlete (NFT card) to try out as an addition to a player’s team. In the long term, Pawnfi SDK with a full set of financial logic can be used by Lympo to build an in-house NFT realization interface.

The partnership between Pawnfi and Lympo will boost the liquidity and popularity of NFT and allow for more than just NFT Staking and play-to-earn models for crypto assets. Together, we are working to diversify the user case of NFT assets, laying the groundwork to drive a well-functioning Metaverse.

What’s in the Future for Lympo?

Looking forward, we are getting nearer to the launch of the new token following the hacking incident in January. Our new token website will be up and running very soon. We’re in the process of performing our final checks before the launch.

We appreciate and thank you for your patience and support throughout this time.

In other news, we are preparing to introduce more top-tier world athletes into our Athletes Pool. Stay on the lookout for hints on our social media!

And, our E-Sports Pool is coming out very soon, starting with Dennis, BnTeT, and RpK collections as the first ones on the Lympo platform.

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