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Weekly Roundup — May 9th, 2022

Dear community,

Last week has been one of the most thrilling weeks for Lympo so far — especially, with the introduction of the $SPORT Token.

Let’s rewind all the major events of last week.

The $SPORT Token

Let’s start with the most important news of last week — the introduction of the $SPORT token.

The $SPORT token will be the main cryptocurrency powering the Lympo ecosystem — replacing the functionality of the $LMT token. The $SPORT token will be utilized in Lympo NFT minting pools and NFT Staking events.

All users that were previously holding $LMT tokens will be able to claim the $SPORT tokens as an additional benefit and incentive.

The new token distribution for $LMT holders will happen in 3 stages with the first stage being the review of the data on all $LMT holdings.

For more information on the $SPORT token distribution check out our article.

Lympo Lightpaper Updated

With these major changes happening here at Lympo, we have also updated our lightpaper. The new version of the Lympo lightpaper features information regarding the $SPORT token and any updates related to it.

Check out the improved version of the Lympo lightpaper.

Fincor x Lympo Special Giveaway

Together with our partner Fincor, a brand new revolutionary blockchain technology, we’re hosting a special giveaway with the ability to win Fincor tokens. Complete simple gleam tasks and earn points to win.

Fincor is also giving away exclusive NFT prizes to the most active members on Discord and Telegram groups.

More information about the giveaway can be found here.

What the future holds?

As was mentioned earlier, we’re moving forward with the launch of the $SPORT token. Next, we’ll be announcing the start of the token distribution which will happen in 3 stages. Stay on the lookout on our social media for any updates!

We’re also working very hard on some other exciting stuff at Lympo — the introduction of new athletes, card collections, and partnerships. And, the development of our upcoming P2E game is going full speed!

Want to know more?

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