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Weekly Roundup — November 29th, 2021

Dear Lympo community,

This week was all about preparing to release the newest addition to the Lympo NFT Minting platform — NFT Staking. We’re working around the clock to make sure everything is ready & works flawlessly. That’s a game-changer in the world of NFTs and probably the most significant Lympo update yet. However, that didn’t stop us from surprising our users with a fresh collection of new NFTs. Here’s everything that happened last week.

Last week’s recap

NFT Staking Preparations

As we revealed earlier this month, we’re preparing to launch NFT staking. Users will stake up to 15 NFTs and generate monthly $LMT rewards for their efforts. That’s a big step in the Lympo NFT ecosystem as it brings additional utility to Lympo NFTs. We’re planning to open up multiple staking pools to make sure that the mechanism is fair. Users can participate in different pools depending on the NFT collection they have.

We’re going to release detailed staking mechanics & tutorials this week. For additional information, you can check out our previous post by clicking here.

We plan to release the NFTs staking feature as soon as possible and before the end of 2021. So, now is the perfect time to mint some NFTs that you’ll be able to stake and receive LMTs, Star tokens, or partners tokens as a reward.

Blockchain Play To Earn Hackathon

We were part of a play-to-earn blockchain hackathon organized by the Blockchain Centre Vilnius. Sixty participants formed 13 teams and had just 48 hours to present a play-to-earn blockchain game concept.

The event was held in Vilnius Tech Park, the heart of technology in Lithuania. After the event, participants have the opportunity to further develop their idea with the help of Animoca Brands & Polygon Studios.

The Lympo co-founder and CSO Tadas Maurukas was one of the judges and had an almost impossible task determining the winning teams.

2 New Lympo NFT collections

We have released the Lucia Sainz & Shaun Murphy Lympo sports NFT collections. This collection consisted of 10 brand new Lympo NFTs, and as always, the high-rarity cards minted out blazingly fast.

With our upcoming NFT staking, blockchain games, and Star tokens, Lympo NFTs are more popular than ever. And we’re aiming to release new NFT collections in the upcoming time. So far, we’re delighted with the community feedback on the new collections.

Looking ahead

As you might already know, we will also bridge LYM to Polygon, and that’s when you expect more NFTs on o’Lympian Pool.

We will also release a new Pool and a new type of NFTs with some gamification features. But for now, let’s keep details a small secret.

Being part of the Lympo journey from almost the beginning, Lympo utility share token program participants (LYMUS) will receive NFTs medals. It will happen as soon as possible after we launch the NFTs staking platform. If you have LYMUS and until Dec 2020 you have also owned a registered amount of LYM tokens, you are eligible to receive NFTs medals, which you will use to mint LMT tokens on Lympo NFTs staking platform.

We also started to work with the most significant Animoca Brands family member, SANDBOX. If you missed our teaser video of what’s to come, take a look below:

And remember Lympo CSO Tadas Maurukas words:

“We are working on NFT staking, one mobile play-to-earn app, two more sport play-to-earn games, start tokens, and some excellent partnerships. Oh, and you will be able to wrap your Lympo NFTs with tokens.”

All of this and more are planned for the Lympo metaverse.

We hope you will have a great week ahead and see you next Monday!




Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs.

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Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs

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