In Memory of Mr. Wes Harrison

Mr. Wes Harrison was a mentor who would often be seen in our team’s machine shop, helping team members build field elements during the beginning of build season and teaching them how to machine on our mills when it was time to machine our robot. Where his personality shone the most was his patience while teaching. He would make sure every question that was asked was answered, no matter how silly they may seem, and even answered questions that were yet to asked by us. He was extremely devoted towards teaching all of us, and genuinely wanted us to learn things the right way, the first time through. “Measure twice, cut once”, he would say. A statement he always told us to swear by while machining. Those that have been under the guidance of Mr. Harrison have often gone on to lead the team forward during the machining phase of our build season. His teachings did not just stop there. In 2017, he helped our design team debug and and run tests on our robot’s climber. He was an integral part in getting our climber up and running and reliable. His efforts over the past few years on our team have truly been widespread. Thank you Mr. Harrison for all that you have done for our team. Your presence will be greatly missed by all of us.

-Gautam Rajesh, Hardware Lead