A Letter to our Clients on COVID-19

How we are protecting our staff and customers


Update November 27th — Click here to read our latest policies and procedures surrounding COVID-19.

We are publishing our new policy regarding COVID-19 for full transparency. By sharing the procedures we require of our garden centre employees and landscaping crews, we hope it can serve as a resource for others. If you have any recommendations or ideas for new policies, please let us know! The safety of both you and our staff is our priority.

Hello Valued Customers,

Together we are facing a truly unprecedented situation that is affecting our families, team members, communities and you whom are also our valued customers. The global Covid-19 virus has prompted our team to raise our standards and do business in a much different way. We at Lyons Landscaping wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we are still here and to tell you what to expect and how we will be providing our services.The approach moving forward

First and foremost our hearts are with anyone whom has been impacted by the virus both directly and indirectly. Our appreciation goes out to all people who are helping and especially heath care workers whom have put themselves in harm’s way to help others in need despite the risks.

For you and our team, we have a dedicated a leadership person who is always collecting the latest news and the most effective way to work safely around the risks of the virus. That person reports to our safety committee and ensures that the latest information is shared with our team. With that important information, we have created our Covid-19 work procedures to ensure our teams and our clients are protected and kept as safe as absolutely possible.

What you need to know

When our teams are at work on your property please stay indoors. If you are comfortable you may communicate with the crew from a distance. If preferred we can provide a phone number that you can get in contact with our team if you have questions about your project and its installation. Social distancing is important and we ask that clients and team members respect a 2 meter distance when working and communicating. We have asked our team to verbally acknowledge one another and clients and not shake hands. Each team has been set up with hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and other products to keep safe. We are communicating with our team every day and if any one has any signs of being sick they are asked to stay home and remain home for 48 hours thereafter. If you have any symptoms or are in self isolation please make us aware before our team arrives.

We will all get through this in time. As we go forward we will keep you updated and know that we value your questions and all your concerns.


Lyons Management Team

Thanks for reading.

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