Lyons Onsite Playbook 2020

Keeping our distance keeps you safe.

How Lyons is operating on-site to better protect your safety

Last updated April 1st 2020.

With the challenges of Covid19, we’ve raised our standards for how we operate on-site. We’re still here, and 100% committed to helping you with everything outside while staying safe in all that we do.

Here’s what we expect of one another as staff to keep everyone safe both physically and mentally:

  • Washing hands regularly
  • Avoiding touching our faces
  • Social distancing
  • Staying home if feeling sick or have been close to someone with Covid19
  • When there is a need to enter a Lyons building, stay behind marked lines
  • Do not touch community items such as phones, staplers, copy machine, etc. unless wearing gloves
  • “One Touch” policy — if touching something, complete the task alloted as no one else can touch that item without gloves for at least 24 hours. ex. tools, supplies on the job, equipment and office spaces to name a few
  • Wearing gloves and immediately removing them when touching communal objects such as door handles and the bathroom
  • Regular cleaning of workstations
  • One vehicle, one driver

Keeping our distance is for everyone’s safety! These new procedures will change and evolve as we discover our path through this pandemic. Abiding by these rules isn’t easy, but essential. Taking care of ourselves is a must, while watching and supporting one another as we find the best way through these times. #LyonsPride

If you have suggestions for how we and other tradespeople can improve, please reach out!

Thanks for reading.

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