Beyond The Shadows

what lies beyond the shadows — perhaps one day we’ll know …

Lyrics — Beyond The Shadows …

Looking back over the years
I’ve known happiness, felt tears too,
And it’s true, I had a regret or two
But it didn’t matter, I found you.

I’ll cherish all those moments
When words went unspoken,
Discovering another mystery -
Feeling your magic as stars exploded.

Now I keep on wondering why
The days have slipped on by -
And I don’t know this place I see
That’s waiting for you and me.

It’s time to be going
Now to be knowing
What’s lies beyond 
The shadows of time.

When I close my eyes
You’re always there
Holding me tight
Throughout the restless night,
And the memories
I keep on seeing
Are only those of who
We used to be.

I wanna go where there’s no end
Where there are no secrets -
And I don’t want to see more dreams …
I only want to hold you once again.

Keep the light burning
For I’ll be returning -
And our token
Will remain unbroken.

may all the tokens remain unbroken …

M. Vaughn Duck
(What lies beyond the shadows — perhaps one day we’ll know, dedicated to my friends Eurold and Vivian/a.d) 21 Mars 2016 ©, all rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.

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