If Love Let Us Down

I can’t imagine living without your love …

Lyrics — If Love let Us Down …

Imagine we could live forever -
Never to know a winter day,
Would we stop then to pray -
Would this be a treasure or curse?

Imagine love could go on too,
Would you ever let me down -
Would my heart always stay true
Today I know my love’s only for you.

Chorus -
(What if love let us down -
To be without you -
Would I want to go on
Even for one more day ..
‘Cos forever never ends,
And love’s pain would stay too
If you’re not around),

Imagine there’s a heaven too,
Would I want to take a chance
That our love would not last -
Can’t imagine being without you.

You’re my life, my heart, my soul -
Your embrace too a treasure
And your love for me, my fortune -
I don’t want to know forever without you.

what’s love without you …

M. Vaughn Duck
(can’t imagine living forever without your love/p)
23 Mars 2015 © all rights reserved

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