This Time

Shyness is a terrible social disadvantage for so many of us …

Lyrics — This Time …

(Softly sung, as to one’s self)
Girl, why are you sitting alone …
If you only knew
How much I want
To come close to you …

Verse 1
I want you to say your name to me,
Then to see what’s said in your eyes
‘Cos I can only wish what they would say -
Just give me a little sign,
‘Cos I want you to know
That you look so good to me.

Verse 2
Now I have only my imagination
Wondering what could be in your mind,
And if it’s the same as in mine
Nothing would be impossible to do,
‘Cos if you knew too
You’d see me next to you.

It’s been way too long ..
This time
I don’t want you to go away -
This time
I need you to be mine -
Just don’t know why
You’re alone too
Why can’t you turn my way
To give me a reason to stay.

Verse 3
Why do I have to go on suffering so ..
Why can’t it be you that sees me too -
If I could only find the courage,
I’d begin a new page
To write down some words for a song
And then sing them for you.

This time I don’t want you to go away,
But what do I say to get you to stay …

(What oh what do I say) …

why do I have to feel this fear …

M. Vaughn Duck
(shyness is a terrible social disadvantage for so many of us/a.c)
16 Aout, 2015 © copyright,all rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.

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