Without Love

What would we do …

Lyrics — Without Love …

Verse 1
I’m not sure
Heaven’s only for religion,
I’ve been told so -
I just don’t know …
And me, I keep seeing
The same vision -
It’s the same for love,
When do you know …
‘Cos when I close my eyes,
It’s then I’m seeing you -
Heavenly made one day,
For me.

It’s only you
I want to discover,
And saying a prayer
Brings you closer –
You can’t be a fantasy
In my head,
‘Cos if you’re a delusion,
I might as well be dead …
Without love
There’s no existence,
And you’re my reason
For subsistence.

Bridge — (If this love of ours
Is a lie of my mind
I’ll lose all hope -
‘Cos solitude leaves you blind).

I know this love of ours
Will go on forever,
It’s the only thing
I have to hold on to
‘Cos it’s taken so long
To find you …
I don’t need a dream
To have you with me,
‘Cos now I know
You’re here beside me ..
And this love of ours
Will always be!

Chorus — (Now that I found you
I’m going to keep on
Loving you …
‘Cos I know
It doesn’t matter,
If I’m feeling good or blue
Your my heart’s one’s desire,
And all my love
Belongs only to you).

so pleased I found you …

M. Vaughn Duck
(What’s life without love /b.c)
6 Avril 2015,2016 © all rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is strictly prohibited.

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