Not Knowing

“Lost in darkness, missing you already David Bowie …”

Lyrics — Not Knowing …

Where are my friends, I thought I’d see again -
I guess, off dreaming in some other land,
Instead of coming by, to take my hand -
I wonder why?
I’ve been waiting to see — to be set free …
Long ago, I said so long to innocence
Then indifference came my way -
Now I’m trying not to recall at all.

If I only knew, as days pass by,
There’s no place left for you to go -
Not to witness faces on better days,
Then one night, that’s when you know.

No longer are there days 
Bringing a rising light -
And too
There’s no time left to say
I don’t know who was right -
So I’ll turn my back
‘Cos now I know 
There’s nothing’s left
But endless nights
Not knowing.

Perhaps somehow, I’ll come to know,
Why a mind gets clouded — becomes blind
It’s when we fail to see the clues ..
Maybe then, there’ll be words, to set me free.

M. Vaughn Duck
(wrote this one after hearing of Bowie’s passing — what a ride it must have been/b.e)
10 Janvier 2016 © all rights reserved. 
Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.

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