Only You

how do you express feelings when your heart overflows with Love?

Poems / Lyrics — Only You

We have our dreams, it’s no secret you’re mine
Your love’s my treasure, my heart’s sunshine
And there’s no way to measure the pleasure
That keeps on growing when we’re together.

Bridge — You make me dizzy, a spinning top
Don’t want this high to ever stop …

Chorus — (I never knew
Love could be this way
And there’s no words to say
Of the love I know —
‘Cos when I hold you tight
Desires ignite
And your touch
Keeps on burning my soul).

Your eyes a mirror making it clear
‘Cos when I see it’s you and me
Then my fears fade and disappear
For I know for sure you too agree.

I can’t deny you’re the only one I see
And I know you too comprehend -
Knowing your loves belongs to me
And this story of ours won’t ever end.

Only you can light my fire the way you do …

M. Vaughn Duck
21 Novembre 2014,2015 © all rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is strictly prohibited.Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is strictly prohibited.