Only the thoughts of this dreamer — for some it’s this way ..

Lyrics — Perception …

Okay .. you took your classes
Me, I wore cool dark glasses -
Now you got papers
Hanging on your wall -
Me, I have dreams too
Maybe, just like yours
They keep driving me on.

You say you worked hard,
Got yourself A’s and B’s
To carry you on — that’s okay -
You read the right books
Got your learning too ..
Me, I took another road -
Did it mostly on my own!

When I was young
Dad said — son you gotta listen,
And like a empty sponge
I left the rivers dry -
Didn’t need no schoolbooks
To show me around
Or some test putting me down.

When I left home
Mom said — son best take my cap,
I went away thinking
Everything would be a snap -
Perception became my teacher …
My nose touched every stone -
I rose above, doing it alone.

If you have them believing -
That’s what makes you strong,
It’s what they think you know -
But, I could be wrong …
My school — the mean street
That drums to it’s own beat …
‘Cos judgment is what it’s all about.

It’s never easy,
When you’re taken for granted -
And like any seed
You need to find a way to grow –
To know what it’s about,
Then to work it all out …
‘Cos, when you look around
You’ll see, weeds become the clowns.

Do it your way,
Find out what you’re searching for -
I know ..
Then you’ll want so much more.

guess it depends on which person you see ..

M. Vaughn Duck
(Only the thoughts of this dreamer — who didn’t need help of a village/b.i)
15 Mars 2015 © all rights reserved.