Some things can’t be figured out …

When Nights have no end …

Lyrics — Silhouettes …

It’s you … and
There’s nothing I can do,
No place where I can go -
To escape my feelings.

I should have known all along
What feels so right, could go so wrong …
But when you took my heart
My world started falling apart.

It’s true, we had our struggles …
But then, we touched heaven too -
And now, why go on pretending
When our story’s ended. 
Chorus — (When there’s nothing left …
It’s time to
Pour yourself a double,
Then three or four more …
‘Cos when you know
Mornings bring only 
One more regret, and
Another silhouette of you …
So, what is there left to do?).
Then when I think it’s over
I start to remember …
Feeling again what was never mine,
Trying to get you out of my mind.

Bridge — (I can’t stop from shaking
When my world’s breaking -
Knowing what can never be
Seeing you won’t fade away.

Why can’t I say goodbye -
When there’s nothing left to do …
Except to cry, one more tear for you.

when night’s have no end …

M. Vaughn Duck
(some things can’t be figured out/a.j)
1 Avril 2016 ©, all rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited. Song A toutes les filles

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