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Letter sent on Jun 12, 2016

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The “Approoved!” Edition


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This week we have a lot to celebrate. And of course you know that I’m referring to the fact that after a years-long struggle, organized campaigning, fighting bureaucracy, defending against unwarranted attacks, countless expense, red tape, working with the legal system, and realizing there are certain things about the way Washington, D.C. works that we willnever know, YES! We did it! It was only this week that have I finally seen an historic moment come to pass:

I have received the approval for The LZ Sunday Paper Trademark Registration! It is a dandy looking certificate!

This, however, is not the certificate! This is one of a dozen or so scam pieces of actual mail I received even before I had gotten the official notification from my attorney. Guess they don’t have SpellCheck, or should I say SpellCzech, where they have granted my Approoval and asked for thousands of dollars to be sent to many an Eastern European enclave.

My masthead can rest assured that it is well-protected. I am free to bring you each week’s news about and (frequently) by women in business, politics, digital, technology, media, film, tv, fashion, sports, literature and general pop culture.

You can peruse the archive at LZSundayPaper.com.

Please send me any items of interest or send questions/comments: here.

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Don’t forget! Buy your grilling equipment/tie and/or box of penis-shaped chocolates and/or “feminism for fathers” books in time for next Sunday, depending on how you approach Father’s Day in your household.




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