No, Google…I Didn’t…August 2014

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Just to Kick Things Off

Readers, friends,

“followers,” “friends,” “Connections,” and other real life and social media acquaintances:

Thank you for this week’s large number of what I deem high-quality “crowd-sourced” submissions. It makes for a highly engaging Sunday Paper with even wider perspective than usual.

In order to get our readers quickly on to…reading, I was thinking that this would be a good week to not write very much at the top of the Paper. Then I read this, which is a great piece about how terrible it is to be a writer. I don’t think I needed to hear that writing is difficult and makes you feel highly unconfident. But a reminder is always very helpful. In fact I am thankful for it, as it bolstered my confidence in my decision to not write very much.

Curveball: I’m going to leave this bit of bloggery somewhat poorly written to make sure that a) noone confuses me with being an actual writer and b) you to get on with your full perusal’s worth of Sunday Paper-ness .

So here it comes— our normal progression of interesting, well-written stories by and about, but not exclusively for, women. From business and politics, to digital, media, and on into fashion, sports, & culture. Zigging where others might zag, we seem to be taking a slight break from movies and even tv, one week pre-Emmys.

Do keep sending interesting stuff you think we may have missed, or might make us laugh. And tell people you think will enjoy it to sign up at

In addition to actively not being a writer, I also very much do not have a Tumblr, Instagram, or a professional Facebook page. So just follow it/me/us @LZSundayPaper, where I infrequently tweet.



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