Comic-Con, NYC, 2014

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Yesterday was National Coming Out Day. This article says that it was established in 1988, exactly one year after a historic march on Washington for Gay Rights, specifically to lobby then-President Ronald Reagan to recognize the need for (more) awareness and money for AIDS. I remember it like I was there.

Because I was there!

The theme of the March and the theme of the movement at the time was encapsulated in the slogan Silence=Death. Meaning that if no one talked about the crisis, specifically not confronting who was most at risk for contracting HIV and exactly how, more people would die.

Turns out, it was a pretty good slogan. Don’t you think we could use it today in many situations to get more people to speak up, goad the silent, raise awareness, and spur others to action?

To me, though, it’s pretty amazing how much more speaking up and speaking out there seems to be. Like, literally amazing to see things like “Ally Week” at many high schools around NYC (and I hope, the country) in anticipation of National Coming Out Day. Or, like the above photograph taken at The Javits Center, host site of NYC Comic-Con. These awesomely enthusiastic youngsters were at a panel I sat in on. I wonder if they and some of the 110,000 other Cos-Play-clad attendees (short for Costume Play, fyi) read the sign. Either way, they don’t seem like they are going to be silent on any issues they deem important. That’s good.

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