This week, The “Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People” list was released. I wondered how many women made the list. Apparently, so did a lot of other people. 40 women made the list this year. That’s compared to 41 last year. I say that’s decent news.

The even better news is that I finally have something in common with Kim Kardashian! The same person wrote the introduction for us in the Time 100 compendium, albeit six years apart. She herself is a very influential person and has been a friend since I met her, always willing to do a good turn whenever asked, graciously. The intro she wrote for me was an incredible capper to the exciting and unexpected honor of being put on the swell Time list.
This week, I got put on another list. I think I am number one on this list, though you might agree that not everyone would strive for that ranking once I tell you how you might qualify. It was a list created by a person I do not know. I do know their name and email address, which shall not be revealed here. All I will say is that this person works at one of the many companies with which I and my teams have done extensive branding and design work. I had actually just thought of them the other day because the name of the company sounds like it could be a character in “Game Of Thrones,” which two out of my three kids are reading right now.

As regular readers know, I frequently solicit feedback: ideas for stories to include and helpful hints on technology & design issues. Others use the address just to say hello, or to get help signing up, or even to ask me to Unsubscribe them. So it was not unusual to see a message in the Inbox which was a “forward” back to me of last Sunday’s LZSP edition. I clicked on it. The message was brief. It said:

“She’s so annoying.”


I kind of figured out right away that, um, this person probably meant to send this message to a friend of theirs, probably to express their (rightful, personal) opinion of…me. But, instead, the uncanny force of the subconscious mind decided to over-ride their original intent, and just had to tell me directly.

Faithful readers will recall that I had another instance of what I will call the email “Freudian Slip” almost 20 years ago. I wrote about that last year.
In that case, I was called something else. It was a worse thing to be called. However — and weirdly — it was ultimately a galvanizing point in a relationship that was strong before and stronger after. Case in point: I just put one of this person’s infant twins to sleep in my arms and put him down for the night in their house in Los Angeles.

This week’s person I don’t know. I don’t foresee a future in which we are good friends and I am babysitting for her infant child.

What makes the story extra weird is that on Sundays, I send out the Newsletter. On Monday nights, after most of the activity on the newsletter has maxed out, I look at a report about the “opens” and “clicks” for that week’s stories. It is my “dashboard.”
The most engaged users can be listed, by name or email address, from highest to lowest. Guess whose name was at the top of that list? The very same Annoyed Person, that’s who! An extraordinary number of opens and re-opens and clicks on various articles.

So I guess to this person I am both annoying and a creator of addictive content. Which is what a lot of people would say about the kind of TV, and even some of the films I’ve made.

FYI: I’m not on too many lists anymore. I don’t really do anything that’s worthy of being put on a list. More importantly, I don’t work for a big company who would purchase ads and buy tables from the List Creating Publications when they put on events to celebrate the lists! However, here are some lists that I could possibly be nominated for, currently, if you happen to be on any nominating committees:

  • 80 People Under 80 Who Were Once On A List Of Influential People
  • 30 People Just Over 50 Who Would Like To Be 39 Just So They Could Be On A 40 Under 40 List
  • 20 Women Who Write Newsletters About Women
  • 100 Parents Who Have Been Freezing Cold At Early April Track Meets
  • 1000 Parents Who Will Be Burning Hot At Late May Track Meets
  • 10 People Who Were Recently Called “So Annoying” By Someone They Didn’t Know
    My new email pen-pal and I had a very short-lived correspondence. I wondered whether she had meant to send the missive to another recipient. She did not respond to that directly, however she did relate that she finds the newsletter “not what she expected” and “all over the place.” That is actually the only thing that upset me. Annoying? We all are, to someone, at some times. Few, however, who know me or even read me, have ever considered me or what I do “all over the place.” But maybe other people feel this way and simply haven’t yet let me know. If so, let me try to clarify what I strive for the newsletter to be:

Every week, The LZ Sunday Paper compiles news and topical information about women in business, politics, entrepreneurship, film, tv, music, literature, sports, and pop culture — roughly in that order. Oh, and a couple of things — hopefully — to make you laugh. Taste runs the gamut from high, to low, to NSFW.

You can find the most recent copy of the paper and the very neat, orderly, all-in-one-place Archive at

You can send me a note or an item you think I should see here.

Sometimes there’s so much interesting stuff out there I can’t wait ‘til Sunday so I tweet it during the week. Follow me @LZSundayPaper.

Enjoy the read, and again — apologies for any annoying- and allovertheplace-ness!


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