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Today there is no sin in Pridefulness, so take the day and plant a rainbow flag in whatever ground is in front of you.

Here are some fun facts relating to self-discovery work/vacation tour wrap-up:

  • I like driving in foreign countries. I was either born in the wrong era or country, or both. I greatly enjoy a manual transmission, combined with 1 1/2 lane-width roads with 2-way traffic.
  • Some people like to save on hotel rooms and (in their head, at least) use those savings to shop for expensive things in foreign countries. I am not one of those people.
  • I still do not understand the premise of Duty Free. Shalimar and Jack Daniels are the last things I would buy in an airport.
  • Bonus Heathrow eating/shopping combo tip: conveyor belt sushi restaurant/Paul Smith boutique with eternally on sale merch of this season’s stuff. Undeniably better than JFK’s Hudson News’ “Euro Cafe” (stale nuts hanging on a rack)/Oakley Sunglasses combo.
  • Obligatorily posted Facebook/Instagram pictures notwithstanding, Italian is not my favorite cuisine, no matter how good. “Pizza:” even in Naples/birthplace of pizza, blech. “Gelatto:” not my bag. Prego, I’m sorry. Just for fun, pretend it’s Wednesday and watch this, Anthony!
  • Question: if we were truly honest with ourselves or had no friends to impress, would terrible travel experiences ever turn into ‘hilarious’ stories? If so, how many seconds/minutes/days/weeks after the event? Is it in parallel, ie. the worse the event the longer it takes to turn funny? Or is it precisely the opposite?

Everybody has a potentially bad or disappointing experience with supposed-to-be-amazing things in life. And Lord knows that folks, especially if they wear black robes and can’t be fired, have a right to a dissenting opinion. But the dissenting opinions I love the most are the cray negative reviews of awesome places:

A small sampling of some sites we recently visited, from the inimitable Trip Advisor:

re: The Colosseum:
“Much more information could be provided for the non Italian speaking tourists which would bring the experience to life.”

re: Vesuvius:
“Fantastic views but rather disappointing crater.”

re: The Victoria & Albert Museum History of Shoes and Alexander McQueen Exhibits:
“I was really looking forward to this. However it didn’t do much for me. Rather too much clothing and fabric. Sorry.”

I have found yet another subject for a blog/Tumblr/Instagram site that I will never have time to start.

These and other confessions and questions may or may not be raised or answered in this week’s LZSP. Today, the newsletter steps off from the Pride Parade, and moves on quickly to news about, but not exclusively for, women in business, digital, tech, media, music, tv, film, fashion, sports, and pop culture. Whereas the common wisdom is that to be successful you should never get too high or too low in life, The LZ Sunday Paper takes the opposite tack. It is almost always too high or too low and rarely well-tempered. Do make sure to find at least one thing that makes you laugh.

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