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That’s a wrap on L.A., for now.

Guess what!?! (You’ll see why the punctuation matters, later.) While in L.A. I wrote a piece on “gossip.” It appears in The Hollywood Reporter, a “personal perspective” piece that is included as part of a broader overview. The veritable gossip tsunami of think pieces and analyses was intro’d like this:

From the near-beatification of Caitlyn and the aggro ascent of the Donald to the comedown of Gawker and Cosby, the year’s top “hard news” headlines have spun straight from the gossip cycle, as both targeted and targeters deconstructthe digital churn that drives media now.

  1. if you are unclear, I am pretty sure that “aggro” means “aggressive”-ish, not “agricultural-ish” which obviously would be spelled “agro.”
  2. even though I am a contributor, I don’t think I am either “targeted” or a “targeter”
  3. it pleases me that in the age of “S.T.E.M.” as an educational must-have (and imho a completely over-rated trend), my liberal arts college education continues to be very handy professionally: I do, indeed, know a thing or two about “deconstruction.”

In any case, I thought it was really well done and I was proud to be a part of the assembled pieces.

But I also wrote a bajillionly-times longer version which maybe gives a more complete picture of how I think about the topic of gossip relative to today’s news cycles.

Lots of online publications now list their stories by length. Let’s try that here:

  • Here is the 53-second version in the venerable-yet-ultra-contemporaryHollywood Reporter
  • Here is the 4-minute, 38-second version in the beautiful, ultra-contemporary, on-its-way-to-venerable, new online magazine/platform called Medium.

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