I find this to be a very busy time of year, neck in neck with early September. Work, family, school, social commitments. You might be even further behind in the cultural conversation. So, here are my top 3 recommendations to help you catch up, ICYMI:

1) ICYMI stands for In Case You Missed It.

2) Read this New York Times article by the author of a new book: “Primates of Park Avenue.” It surveys the social hierarchy of Spin Class, Birkin Bags, and Wife Bonuses. It’s based on The Real Housewives of New York. Just kidding, of course it’s not. It’s written by a smart anthropologist who Margaret Mead-ed herself onto the Upper East Side; and it’s not a reality tv show; so it’s being taken a lot more seriously.

3) Go see the re-boot of “Mad Max.” Directed by the original film’s director George Miller, this is a certain kind of visual tour-de-force type of film. Stunning. A completely created world. Moving. And ultra-violent. All the talk about the fact that it’s-subversively-feminist-or-at-least-not-much-mind-paid-to-any-real-male-leads is true.

Fun fact: George Miller also directed “Happy Feet” and “Babe.” Now that is some artistic breadth.

Charlize’s Theron’s character Furiosa has only a stump for one arm, can kick some serious ass, and has very short hair. Though I do have both my arms and have never punched anyone, for many years a long time ago my haircut used to be like hers in the movie. I know for a fact that I never looked nearly as good. But I will say that lots and lots of people called me Sir.

I am excited gear up for an even busier next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to both a domestic and foreign trip. I will report in from the road, which will hopefully be a lot safer, less dust-filled, and with more hydration than the Fury Road of Mad Max fame.

I hope you have the time to enjoy the following compilation of news and topical information about women in business, politics, entrepreneurship, film, tv, music, fashion, literature, sports, and pop culture.

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See you next week — that’s June!


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