Dear Passover-, Easter-, and General Spring Celebrators,

I kicked off the holiday weekend by attending two car-focussed events: The New York International Car Show at the Jacob Javits Center, and then Fast & Furious 7. It was an auto double feature, that is for sure.

Let’s just say that the most positive aspect of the first event, for me, was that there wasn’t much of a line for the Ladies’ Room. The positive aspects of the second event were almost as numerous as the explosively death-defying set-pieces in the film.

Guess at which event I heard these lines of dialogue, the Auto Show (AS), or Fast and Furious 7 (F7) ***Answer Key at Bottom:

a) “Would you believe I knocked him out with my charm?”

b) “Which way are the Mitsubishis?”

c) “Where are we?”

d) “Where does this let us out?”

e) “Daddy’s gotta go to work.”

f) “You don’t know me. But you’re about to.”

g) “Why didn’t you tell me we were married?”

h) “I told you he wouldn’t like it.”

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Enjoy the read, and whatever combination of matzah and/or Peeps you have today.


***Answer Key:
a) F7
b) AS
c) AS
d) F7
e) F7 & AS
f) F7
g) F7
h) F7 & AS

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