Introducing the new Mojo Project

Some of you may have been wondering what this new Mojo project is. Well, I’m pleased to announce it to you. First things first, its not an “application installer for NJB devices,” because there are way too many of those out there. Its not a repo manager, and its not a signing service. Its also on a new form factor, than that of other Mojo subsidiary projects. The new project, isn’t anything groundbreaking however, until you realize the true potential. Well, without further adieu:

TL;DR is at the bottom of the page, for those who want just the general gist.

Meet Mojo Ambit.

Mojo Ambit is a new take on the whole “IPA Hub” concept. As I said before, it’s not ground breaking at first thought, however the potential is there. The goal of Mojo Ambit is to be an actual hub for ipas. Right now some sites don’t have some ipas that others do, which makes you jump site from site. Well how do we fix this? The answer is simple. We’ve already had it for a year now. Repos.

We didn’t use just any old repo format, however. As much as we all loved M-Repos, the format was showing it’s age. So we are introducing a new format simply named Ambit. It is divided into two files, “info.json” and “apps.json”, so you can easily manage your repo with much less clutter. At this point it is undecided wether or not there will be a Mojo Manager-esque repo manager, however a builder will be introduced sometime after launch, so you can download your repo and host it on your site, without doing any coding. Now, before you think, “Well whats in it for me? Why should I host a repo?” you will be able to have a Cydia-styled depictions, so you can host ads, or whatever you want, and make money, while still sharing ipas. Not only that, but we will also have a open source repo viewer, so that you can view your repo on your site. The release date on that is currently unknown. A link to the github repo will be posted on my Twitter, for those who want to get started early.

While Ambit is primarily for computers, that can run things such as Cydia Impactor, an iOS app will be available soon after launch, for those who want to install apps on their jailbroken device. The app will allow you to install any app from any repo, directly to the device, as long as you have a tweak like AppSync. This app will be the next version Mojo Native, v2.0.


The new Mojo Project is Mojo Ambit. Ambit is an “IPA Hub” of sorts, but with a twist. Instead of going from site to site getting ipas, there is one easy platform, which anyone can join in on, thanks to repos. The new repo format, also named Ambit, is one that is less cluttered, and allows you to get paid. A Mojo Manager-esque repo manger is undecided, however there will be a repo builder launching sometime after Ambit’s launch. Not only that, but Mojo Native will be absorbed into Ambit, and will let you install any ipa from any repo on to a Jailbroken device, with AppSync.

This is great and all but when does it come out?

Sooner than you’d think. We are just ironing out a few bugs now. In fact, it should be out mid-July.

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