Movie Review: ‘The Little Things’

It’s the little things that get you caught.

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What an interesting twist to this psychological thriller.

“The Little Things” was about two cops, Denzel Washington (Joe ‘Deke’ Deacon) & Rami Malek (Jim Baxter), who is on a mission to track down an anonymous serial killer. The film writer and director of this film is John Lee Hancock.

Below is a storyline overview of the film “the little things”:

Deke (Denzel Washington), a burnt-out Kern County, CA deputy sheriff teams up with Baxter (Rami Malek), a crack LASD detective, to nab a serial killer. Deke’s nose for the “little things” proves eerily accurate, but his willingness to circumvent the rules embroils Baxter in a soul-shattering dilemma. Meanwhile, Deke must wrestle with a dark secret from his past. Written by cochiseledoux.


This film was about a seasoned veteran deputy named Joe Deacon, who went through a painful past by accidentally shooting a young woman, who is named Mary Roberts. As a result, the murder was covered up and was instead named as a stabbing incident rather than the victim receiving a shot wound.

To start off the film, there was an anonymous serial killer who followed Sofia Vassilieva (Tina Salvatore) on a highway. As the story progressed, the case became anonymous and this was where Jared Leto’s character (Albert Sparma) came into the picture as a possible suspect.

Little did both deputy Deacon and detective Baxter know that the real serial killer was still on the loose. There was a scene in particular where both Deacon and Baxter were waiting in the car to see movements of Sparma, a vehicle passed by.

When that vehicle drove past deputy Deacon and detective Baxter, the person in it was definitely the serial killer. As the film progressed, Sparma led detective Baxter to an abandoned area to find Mary Roberts.

As the two gentlemen arrived at their destination, Sparma told detective Baxter where the victim is located and he gave signals of whether the area was either cold or hot, which was pretty hilarious. When Sparma signaled where the spot is located, he gave Baxton a shovel to dig up the ground.

As detective Baxton was digging, Sparma stopped him to dig another ground by playing games with him. During this time, detective Baxton felt frustrated and couldn’t take any more of Sparma’s antics.

As a result, detective Baxton whacked Sparma so hard on the head with a shovel, he fell on the ground with no movement. It was clear that Sparma was dead at the hands of Baxton.

After the incident, deputy Deacon drove where the crime scene was located and found Baxton kneeling on the ground. With no hesitation, Deacon assured Baxton that everything will go to plan and proceeded with a cover-up by digging a 4-feet hole to put Sparma inside.

After Baxton finished digging up the holes the next day, the movie showed flashbacks of what really happened to Mary Roberts. The flashbacks showed deputy Deacon scouring the crime scene and entered the woods to find out if anyone was out there.

Suddenly, Mary Roberts appeared from the shadows and as soon as Deacon turned around, he accidentally shot her in the chest. There were two cops who witnessed the incident and Roberts was taken to an autopsy for further examination.

After careful examination, the examiner, Judith Scott (Marsha), pronounced that Mary Roberts was stabbed, which was a cover-up for deputy Deacon. At the end of the film, deputy Deacon cleaned out Sparma’s apartment and threw everything in the trash with a fire burning them.

Movie Rating

If I were to rate this movie, it would be a 7.5/10. The reason for this rating is due to no serial killer found. There were some instances where it could have been deputy Deacon because of his past and Sparma’s delusional behavior made him a suspect as well. The ending could possibly be a sequel since Baxton is basically taken Deacon’s role.

My Thoughts

Based on what I saw in this film, it was very thought-provoking and allowed you to be the detective, which was necessary for viewers to witness. “The little things” had bits and pieces for us to solve. The characters were superb. Jared Leto’s character literally carried the film. It was the little things that made me think while watching this film.

Each character played their role very well and was believable. These were the reasons why I gave the 7.5/10 rating. This film could’ve been a 10/10 if the serial killer was found and the ending would be much better. Overall, the film kept me up and was enjoyable.

It’s the little things that get you caught.

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