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10 Best Finance Podcasts Professionals Suggest to Listen in 2020

With more than two million podcasts indexed on Google, there’s a wealth of informative, insightful podcasts out there covering just about every topic. Finance is no different. All of the big financial publications now have a podcast in some form or other, many of which aren’t behind a paywall.

The average American now listens to seven different podcasts per week, and it’s not entirely surprising: podcasts are a great way to gain insight about a topic of your choice when you’re on the go or at rest. We’ve compiled ten of the best financial podcasts (in no particular order) below, all of which come with our recommendation.

Best Financial Podcasts

  1. Bloomberg Masters in Business Podcast
  2. Exchanges at Goldman Sachs
  3. Fast Money Podcast
  4. M&A Science
  5. So Money
  6. The Bigger Pockets Podcast
  7. The Disciplined Investor
  8. Invest Like the Best
  9. Optimal Finance Daily
  10. We Study Billionaires — The Investors Podcast

Bloomberg Masters in Business Podcast

Bloomberg has a daily podcast (“Bloomberg Surveillance”) but this weekly edition tends to feature higher profile guests and less of the daily swings in market sentiment that sometimes give volatility to the quality of daily financial news podcasts. Each week, the podcast chooses new economics, business or finance-related topic and delves into it in some detail by interviewing an expert on the topic. A recent example was Brian Deese, BlackRock’s Global Head of Sustainable Investing talking about ESG stocks.

Why you should listen: Few news organizations can pull in the big names like Bloomberg, and that’s reflected in the quality of the industry experts they interview each week.

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

If you want to work at the biggest investment bank on Wall Street, you’d better be a good communicator. That’s what comes across here, as senior figures from different departments in the bank talk about the concepts of our time, going into some depth about the merits of each. In one three-week stretch, the analysts covered how streaming is affecting box-office returns, the (disappearing) American pension and the changing landscape of the healthcare sector. The best part is that you know they’re talking to the leaders in each of these industries on a daily basis.

Why you should listen: This is idea-based content rather than news-based content, so you can dip in and out of topics as you please.

Fast Money Podcast

Created by CNBC and hosted by Melissa Lee and, what they describe as ‘a roundtable of top traders,’ Fast Money is among the very best of the daily finance podcasts. Each day, the host and her guests look at what’s driving the markets, what happened overnight in Asia and what’s likely to happen in the period ahead. As a daily podcast, you wouldn’t expect the guests to be of the same caliber of Bloomberg’s weekly podcast (to take one example), but Lee is such an adept interviewer that it doesn’t seem to matter. Ideal for anyone who needs to be up on the events of the day.

Why you should listen: The best part of that day’s financial news is covered in 45 minutes, going far more in-depth than regular broadcast news.

M&A Science

Full disclosure: DealRoom sponsors M&A Science.

Each episode covers an aspect of mergers and acquisitions in some depth, looking at past case studies to provide some context. Mostly, the aim here is to educate relative novices in mergers and acquisitions but there’s something here for even the most battle-hardened investment bankers and M&A experts. Each episode features a different industry expert or practitioner, with a new episode being added about once a fortnight.

Why you should listen: If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re involved in M&A in some way, so this podcast is an obvious place to enhance your podcast listening.

So Money

Presented by Farnoosh Torabi, So Money is the most well-known of the dozens of personal finance podcasts doing the rounds. It’s also probably the best. Torabi interviews everyone from listeners who have an interesting (and insightful) story to tell to world famous personal finance gurus like Tim Ferriss. The show covers topics on everything from ETFs and finding a suitable wealth manager to investing in corporate debt and pensions.

Why you should listen: Finance and personal finance are often quite separate distinctions (pensions being a case in point), and this is a great jumping off point for the latter.

The Bigger Pockets Podcast

If you haven’t heard of Bigger Pockets by now, chances are you’ve had no recent involvement in real estate investing. Bigger Pockets became something of a phenomenon over the past five years, reinforcing the idea (which perhaps went missing after the GFC) that millions could be made by investing in real estate, even by the layperson. Every Thursday, the presenters look at real estate news and interview everybody from first-time investors to seasoned pros, and cover everything from REITs to distressed property buying. A mecca for those interested in real estate finance.

Why you should listen: Unmissable listening for anybody looking at real estate investing.

The Disciplined Investor

Every week host Andrew Horowitz goes into granular detail about what he sees happening in the markets and where they’re likely to head next. The lead story, let’s say US-China tariff wars, is intertwined with different topics such as investment portfolios, currency fluctuations and which stocks are most likely to be affected by the wars. It’s always well thought-through and topical. This one is unashamedly aimed at experienced investors, but is mostly accessible to novice investors who are looking for something with more technical content.

Why you should listen: The analysis provided by Horowitz is well founded and rarely too far from the mark.

Invest Like the Best

This podcast’s heading may be a misnomer: It gives the impression that it’s going to help novice investors work their way through the maze of investments, endowing them with tips from the best in the game. In fact, Invest Like the Best is not a million miles from the Disciplined Investor (see previous entry), with more emphasis on ideas — say, investing in cryptocurrency or private equity — than the newsfeed of the day. It also features regular visits from well-known Wall Street figures.

Why you should listen: Great analysis, great guests, great variety of content.

Optimal Finance Daily

The blurb for Optimal Finance Daily says: “Think of Optimal Finance Daily as an audioblog or podcast.” That’s about sums it up: every day, OFD curates content from the best personal finance blogs from around the web and makes a podcast on one every day. It’s a simple concept that works surprisingly well. While the quality of most blogs may ebb and flow, OFD benefits from being able to pick and choose the best work of the day.

Why you should listen: If you’re a regular reader of personal finance blogs — and the statistics show that millions are — this podcast will do wonders for you.

We Study Billionaires — The Investors Podcast

This podcast is essentially a review of books on successful entrepreneurs and investors such as Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett, George Soros and even Bill Gates. The presenters do a great job of summarizing interesting books, giving you a flavor of what to expect from each. The content is highly accessible and fairly low on technical detail. The treatment of the world’s best investors as demi-gods is also a little irksome, but this is an enjoyable listen, notwithstanding.

Why you should listen: This is like the easy-listening section for finance enthusiasts.

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