New Tires and a Wall to Climb

Back in college I took an environmental studies class and I specifically remember one topic where we talked about entropy in an isolated system. Basically the idea is that nature tends to move from order to disorder. Or from order to chaos. This is as natural as gravity. If a system doesn’t add energy it will eventually resolve into chaos. For example, if you don’t eat you will eventually die. If you don’t tend to your garden it will eventually end up a mess of weeds. Add energy, fend off chaos.

So why am I thinking about this today? Well, sometimes I wish I could just stop working so hard to do the next right thing. I wish I could just sit back and chill. But the status quo is your enemy. The status quo will eventually lead to chaos.

And why tell you that? So I could tell you this, adding energy into a system can be explosive, dangerous, tedious, costly. It has to come from somewhere. But it’s worth it. The never ending battle between order and chaos is worth fighting.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the energy. I get it. Sometimes it feels insurmountable. I can relate.

For anyone who feels it’s too much and if you’re thinking about giving up. Please don’t. Please take a breath and maybe just take a few smaller steps. You’ll get there. It will be worth it in the end.

What am I talking about? Whatever wall you’re bumping up against right now. In my case, today, I’m getting new tires and an oil change.

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