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Stop Waiting. Start Living.

The story of a lazy snail and what it can teach us about life

Photo by Jovica Smileski on Unsplash

To be alive is to do nothing. To start living, you must take action.

I realize I just compared your entire existence and the infinitesimally unlikely odds of you being alive to something as embarrassing as a snail hiding in its shell. Waiting, and waiting, but never deciding to move.

Years pass, and eventually, the snail dies. Its body hardens into a carcass, never having done anything, too afraid to show its face.

How sad, yet how true.

Maybe it’s that’s the question we all need to ask ourselves.

Am I a hibernating, rotting snail?

The story of the snail tells the story of how so many of us live: paralyzed by fear, afraid that we’re not good enough, and worried about what other people will think of us.

But ask yourself this: does that way of thinking help me in any way?

No, of course not.

Nobody can take the life that you have away from you. Except you. All the experiences you have, the joy you feel, the hardships you face — that’s all you.

Only you can rob yourself of your own life.

And only you can win it over.

If you want something in life, it’s not prepared for you on a silver platter and handed down. You’ve got to fight for it.

Just Start

You don’t have to make any big lifestyle changes. Just start by doing one thing differently today than you did yesterday, and stick with it.

Read one page of a book. Meditate for one minute. Write one sentence. Take a five minute walk. Go to bed one minute earlier.

Simple things.

And at the end of each day, ask yourself: “Am I a hibernating, rotting snail?”

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