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Letter sent on Oct 1, 2016

Kate & Tiffany | Introducing our new project

Hey guys,

As you may already know, Medium is an amazing place to spill out your thoughts, share heart-touching stories, and just show everyone what you’re all about.

It’s part of the reason why Kate and I love writing on Medium.

But one thing we’ve been itching to do is getting traffic from Medium — a LOT of traffic. That’s why we are giving everything we got to achieve one goal: Get 50k traffic from Medium to our website, Rabbut.

What does this mean for MEDIUM’s Field Guide?

More posts to help you grow your Medium presence, so you can finally get people to recognize your blog or business.

We will be publishing our growth-hacking experiments on how we get Medium traffic to our site and show you what we’ve learned. For instance, you can learn:

  • How a title increases views
  • How to get more views from a dead post
  • What we’ve learned from mimicking successful bloggers

Follow our Journey

If you’re a writer on Medium and want people to follow your blog or business, join our journey! You’ll get 1st dibs on our latest discoveries. The best part is, it’s free!

Last but not least…

We are now open to guest posts on MEDIUM’s Field Guide. Email us at mediumgals@gmail.com to submit a piece that revolves around Medium and how to grow it.

Otherwise, see you on our journey! :)

Kate & Tiffany
The Medium gals

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