Is Collaboration the Future for Business?

Is collaboration the future for business? We think so.

Everyday there are opportunities for people to collaborate, but all to often people pass each other like ships in the night. There seem to be lots of people working on similar projects that with a little bit of cross pollination could explode and really make a difference.

Collaboration at a meeting

There is No Such Thing as Competition

Part of the problem is ego and the desire to create the next big thing. The solitary genius solving the worlds problems. It would be great to be able to expel the myth of the genius. We are by no means perfect when it comes to this, but it is something we constantly work on a concept we have tried to install into the foundations of our business model. There are lots of amazing minds and skilled people around, so imagine what could be achieved by working together and pooling these skills. Everyone can benefit from external input and collective knowledge sharing and through this we can create new and powerful things. This is much harder to do if we lock ourselves away and hide.

We believe in the approach that ‘there is no such thing as competition’. If you are open to sharing ideas and opening yourself up to others you will likely find that many of the people in your field are the very people that will help you when you are in need and quite possibly even become a great source of business. We are part of a large network of UK and international visual practitioners and these are the people we turn to when we have questions or ideas to share. These are also the people that are willing to throw extra projects our way and vice-versa.

Collaboration in Practice

Last Wednesday we teamed up with GOAT, a Brighton based digital agency to delivery the first in a series of one-on-one SEO and social media workshops for local businesses. Ben and Ben from GOAT provided the SEO and Social Media knowledge, we used our visual recording skills to harvest the information into a graphic template. These templates we designed to guide the attendees through the process of the session. These resulted in a visual record for them to take home at the end as a means of reviewing what had been discussed. We had a great variety of companies show up including West Pier Studio, Ride It Away, Lick Yogurt, Travel Places, and Light Trick Photography.

Collaboration - GOAT and M.I.Scribe with Lick Yogurt at SEO workshop in the Fusebox Brighton

It was great to be part of this collaboration. We see collaboration as a key part of what we do, and indeed a increasingly how we see business being conducted. Brighton is a hot bed of small innovative companies, with loads of amazing people doing inspiring things. There is a definite shift happening away from companies and individuals working in isolation.

A New Way of Thinking

By harnessing our collective knowledge we are able to recognise that everybody has something to bring to the table. We love to use graphic recording and graphic facilitation to help people connect and really open up to the power of collaboration. It’s always amazing to see how some simple graphics and visual harvesting can change the dynamics of a group and facilitate in the sharing of ideas and concepts.

collaboration - drawing of a idea lightbulb

The future of collaboration is here and it is growing all the time, and gathering momentum. The pieces are beginning to fall into place. By working together we can become an unstoppable force for positive change.

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