Queen Naija EP: How to Overcome Infidelity In Regal Style

By Matt Ford


On her self-titled debut EP, Queen Naija paints a portrait of a young woman, mother and lover. The Ypsilanti-bred artist released the EP on July 27 on Capitol Records.

The EP comprises five songs spanning themes of heartbreak, motherhood and finding new love, making for a compelling debut from the two-time American Idol contestant.

Queen Naija’s two openers tell the story of infidelity and pain. On both songs, Queen looks inward at her self-esteem and endurance and warns an ex that he will pay for his sins.

“Medicine,” the single that put Queen’s talents on the map in 2017, is a relatable track about a cheating ex, reeling listeners into an emotional journey. It’s a car radio jam with a vengeful tone over a simmering groove that has remained a radio favorite this summer.

“Karma” follows up with glimmering chimes, crisp snaps and clear vocals that recall smooth heartbreak songs like “I Get Lonely” and “Foolish.” The song further addresses issues of adultery, body image and self-confidence in the age of Instagram models, perfection and fast fame.

The EP comes three months after her divorce from Chris Sails, with whom she shared a YouTube channel, Chris And Queen, where the couple exchanged elaborate pranks and humorous banter. “Medicine” was released as an open diary to fans who noticed she had created her own channel and that Sails had taken over their joint one.

The two also share a young son, who is the focus of the album cover and the R&B-power ballad “Mama’s Hand.”

“Butterflies” is a tender track openly discussing the feelings that new beau Clarence White give her, and the difficulty of accepting new love so soon after an old flame has burned out.

The record’s closer “Bad Boy” boasts honest lyrics atop a bedroom beat, displaying Queen’s disinterest in running from complex human emotions and shortcomings, singing to “someone who can make [her] do better.”

Queen Naija released “Karma” as the second single in June and is currently planning a tour.