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9 Truths to Consume a Better Life: with Nerissa J. Persaud, Editor In Chief of M.O.C.A and Founder of Ignite The Human Spark.

I am so happy to be back writing! I’ve taken a pause but today I share my story. One I hope will add a bit of hope and renewal.

On August 1, 2021, at approximately 11:10 am I clung to the left side of my chest as I could feel my heart palpitating




Built on the values and principles to promote: (M)indfulness (O)ownership (C)ultural Awareness and (A)ccountability This platform is built on ideas and conversations rooted in how we pivot, do better and inspire a new way forward.

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Nerissa J. Persaud

Nerissa J. Persaud

Founder @Ignite The Human Spark | Podcast Host @Mindset Bootcamp I Author I▶️ I help people globally rise above burnout | Life+Work Coach | Workforce Strategist

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