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Holly Smith, Owner & Founder of BIZ FIT Talks — Healthy Business, Healthy People, Healthy Planet.

Holly, it is an absolute pleasure to have you a part of this ‘Productivity/Wellness Series’ — Healthy Business, Healthy People, Healthy Planet — Can you share a bit on your backstory with our readers that led to the incredible journey you’ve built and continue to lead?

That’s incredible! How would you say, we can develop a greater sense of accountability to our daily actions to reinforce positive behaviour within ourselves and the ones around us? Is there a particular productivity model that you’ve built or worked with to help others channel their sense of accountability in leading healthier lives?

There are 3 parts to accountability:

  1. Getting someone to hold you accountable, who has already done what you want to achieve
  2. Holding yourself accountable
  3. Holding someone else accountable

When we look at the world today, conversations have deepened on the irrefutable link between healthy business, healthy people, and the impact this has on the world — In your experience, what are key ingredients to creating a system of living that promotes productivity and good health?

We need to start looking at the word “Health” as not just what we put into our mouths or the exercise we do. We need to start portraying the word ‘health’ in all areas of our lives that are important to us.

I couldn’t agree more Holly! Now, in promoting a better world to live and work in, where do you believe the biggest change needs to come if we are to realise leading healthy lives is how we maintain productivity?

In your experience, what are the biggest challenges to maintaining the course of a healthy lifestyle and what can we do to motivate ourselves and the process without falling into or giving into bad habits?

On point! Holly, you’ve had such an amazing journey: What are you most grateful for today?

What’s your #1 advice to someone reading this that wants to live a happier, healthier, more engaged life but doesn’t know where to start?

What have been your biggest learning points over the last twenty-four months and how has it reinforced your beliefs in health and wellness today as we look to the future?

Holly, we can never have too much ‘feel good vibes’ in the world –what is something you are optimistic about? Share with us!



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