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Leading through tough times with Rocco Bova, Managing Director of Grupo Hotelero 1800.

As part of a special June thought-leadership series, experts from around the world have been asked to share their insights to some of the questions that challenge us today more than ever in gauging matters of social responsibility, people, culture, health and frameworks for adapting to change.




Built on the values and principles to promote: (M)indfulness (O)ownership (C)ultural Awareness and (A)ccountability This platform is built on ideas and conversations rooted in how we pivot, do better and inspire a new way forward.

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Nerissa J. Persaud

Nerissa J. Persaud

Founder @Ignite The Human Spark | Podcast Host @Mindset Bootcamp I Author I▶️ I help people globally rise above burnout | Life+Work Coach | Workforce Strategist

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