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Living with Purpose, Connectivity and Hope

Do you believe we are all connected?

To think that one single person can be connected to over 7 billion others might test the limits of your imagination, but when you really think about it, is it really that hard to believe that we are?

How could someone living in Argentina possibly be connected to someone living in Australia, or how could someone living in poverty possibly be connected to someone living in wealth? None of these people may ever meet or ever share a meal, yet, we do have the power to influence the lives of others whether we are conscious of it or not — and we do.

The only limitation of thought on how we are connected is to believe usefulness is through what we are awarded rather than in why we exist.

We are connected to the carnage of the world, and we are connected to its hope. We are connected to its transformation, and we are connected to its flames. We are connected by what we turn a blind eye to and by what we stand up against. We are connected through innovation and by our creativity. We are connected through our stories. We are connected by our hope.

We stray from the hopefulness of this connection in its highest frequency by becoming over-consumed in a life of accumulation rather than in service, change, and respect for the life around us.

For many, though the idea of making a difference may be appealing, less believable is the thought that one’s existence can.

The thought to many is outlandish.

A great part of this lack of belief is a lack of hope. A lack of hope diminishes a sense of purpose. When we have hope, even in our most dire situations, it keeps the flame of belief alive for possibility. Hope, therefore, is a powerful instrument; with it, we can indeed move mountains; without it, we are prone to destruction and living in mediocrity.

Now imagine living in the present with the realisation of this connectivity without expectation, without need for praise, or to be seen but instead along the boundary of elevating the life around you to heal, transform and unleash; unbonded by limitation of space, title or thing. Imagine if you were to let your mind roam to the possibility that you are, in fact, a part of the puzzle to what makes the world function.

Do you believe this understanding could radically evolve how you live, work, play and interact with the world? How you perhaps, see yourself in the world? — I do.

Living a purposeful life isn’t without practice. It’s a lifetime undertaking. It takes courage, and it takes heart. It takes a willingness to learn and fail as much as it takes courage to share, love, teach, dream, inspire and hope. It often requires standing alone before gaining acceptance. But once you do, it doesn’t become a reward but a movement for the living. It is how you start to see yourself and your place in this vast expanse as a part of the collective order of life.

Happy tinkering!

About — Nerissa J. Persaud has made it her life’s work to help people, companies and organisations across continents create better systems and processes to boost productivity, performance, community and happiness. A leader in culture strategy and alignment coaching, she has founded the initiative Ignite The Human Spark, — a member of the Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health and powers initiatives on a global scale to promote conversations and cultures that foster a greater sense of self, thought and compassion in a changing world.



Built on the values and principles to promote: (M)indfulness (O)ownership (C)ultural Awareness and (A)ccountability This platform is built on ideas and conversations rooted in how we pivot, do better and inspire a new way forward.

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Nerissa J. Persaud

Founder @Ignite The Human Spark | Author | Speaker I Workforce Strategist