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Storytelling A Better Future Together

Over the last twenty-four months, I’ve come to look at collaboration with renewed meaning. I see it less about what it can ever do for me, or perhaps even you, but together what we can do for the world. This is what I am truly humbled to have been able to partake in 2021, and in essence my hopes of transferring into the future.

On May 1st 2021, MOCA was launched. It was done so on the humble premise of Mindfulness, Ownership, Culture and Accountability. Over this time, the stories told, interviews exchanged, and conversations from inspiring leaders around the world have taken us outside of our typical ideas and birthed new perspectives into how we pivot, listen, understand, do better, and inspire a brighter future.

I am grateful for everyone who has shared their story and share below a few highlights leading to a teachable year with great minds, stories and collaboration with the world.

Thank you!



Built on the values and principles to promote: (M)indfulness (O)ownership (C)ultural Awareness and (A)ccountability This platform is built on ideas and conversations rooted in how we pivot, do better and inspire a new way forward.

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Nerissa J. Persaud

Founder @Ignite The Human Spark | Author | Speaker I Workforce Strategist