I was one step to quitting writing on Medium, but suddenly…

This May is the hardest month for me as a Medium Writer.

I am writing on Medium for more than 1 year, but 3.5 months ago I decided to earn here too.

My views, reads for 23 days of May 2024

My financial goal is to earn monthly at least $203/month💰. Why did I choose this amount I described in previous story?

I found out that I like writing here and that is interesting more if I have a goal. So far I have known the steps that I needed to go to reach my goal.

Here are my earnings so far:

My earnings as a Writer on Medium, 2024

*Please keep in mind that I need to pay 30% taxes from those amount for each month.

This month my earnings started to be lower and lower…

  • I tried to republish a couple of my stories in another publication →It didn’t help.
  • I wrote new article with the topic that was successful before → It didn’t help.

I have tried everything what other writers are recommending:

- claps 50 times,