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How Long Should Your Medium Stories Be? (Words, Reading Times & More)

According to expert research and my personal experience

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What’s the basis for this ideal length of 5–8 minute reads?

Graphical representation of ideal Medium story length. Source: Mike Sall
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So, what does this mean for writers on Medium?

Focus on utility and entertainment

  1. You write engaging stories
  2. The number of followers you have
  • Utility: These stories help readers in one way or another. They teach, they inform, they help. You get the picture. Brad Stulberg, for example, writes about mental health and self-improvement. His stories are informative, useful, and often actionable too. M.G. Siegler writes about tech and gadgets, and they’re really interesting.
  • Entertainment: Who doesn’t want to be entertained? We love a good laugh or a good cry or getting mad en masse. Adeline Dimond is an entertaining author. Even when she writes about her misery, she does it with style and wit.
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