Flight: Thoughts from the French Riviera

Flight. When there was not flight we thought heaven was in the clouds. Although many people who lived on mountain tops amongst the clouds knew heaven was not physically located there. Those who had never been to the mountain tops had faith. When the airplanes attained the clouds for all to see, the cloud worshippers imagined the new location was space. And when we achieved space we may have began to lose faith for we couldn’t imagine another place for heaven.

But imagination is limited to what you know. You see, unicorns are horses with horns and dragons are large lizards with wings. These are merely established constructs reformatted. But what happens past the edge of knowledge? Maybe when people thought the world was flat maybe they were correct. Because whether it’s physically, what we can see and touch, or virtual, in the sense of what we have heard of, or mental in the sense of what we think this world is capable of, the edge of the our world, the edge of our knowledge, does exist. And, like when it was in the clouds, at the edge of the world maybe there is heaven. And it was at this moment that I felt fortunate to be floating through yesterday’s heaven.

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The Preceded by Chaos Story follows Mitchell, a young Emergency Medicine Doctor from Volume 0 to the plus volumes, as he and his views of the world around him change; as well as, following him retrograde in time through the minus volumes as the reader explores the chaos that cultivated the need for Mitchell to transform into something better… Vol. +1 on sale July, 27th, 2017!
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