I’m Not Protesting… I’m Complaining.

Stop complaining. | Alan Turkus | Flickr

Recently we at M. Wheeler Books published a blog by Parkay, “PK’s Protest Theory”. Political for certain, but still a great piece by PK. Being a political piece, we do believe in equal time here at MWB. And furthermore, PK interrupted my Adult Video News convention with all this political jibber jabber. Damn you PK! So now he has my attention, and I must respond.

What a juxtaposition, to be at the AVN convention watching post-inauguration anti-Trump rallies on television. Possibly my least favorite thing, I mean politics I don’t mean the president, interrupting my most favoritist thing in the whole wide world, I mean porn, not conventions. First off, I try to stay aware of global and domestic politics, but I spend as much time thinking about time travel as I do politics because I have little faith in either; and my thoughts and actions have equal impact on both. And I hate to waste thought and effort. So when a nationally covered protest dominating the news coverage floats a dark cloud over my beloved convention and turns a happy bar of carnal talent and their adoring fans into a brooding mob of lecherous deviants expressing inchoate political ideology, that sets off a ripple of consternation in my otherwise ocean of good times. But when I see that a friend, contributor, and editor of M. Wheeler Books had written a profoundly partisan piece on the protest events then that in turn makes me think politics at a porn convention, and that just set off a wave of disruptive vibes in my good time ocean because I hate thinking about politics. Indeed, I don’t believe in partisan rants grounded in absolutes so, although I do not completely disagree with “PK’s Protest Theory”, I will propose an alternative POV.

So it is in my opinion that the main idea of PK’s blog was that everyone, especially celebrities, at the post-inauguration protests need to stop complaining, STFU and take their asses back to work. With that said, I think we can all agree on at least two things within that summary:

1. People need to get their asses to work.

2. No one likes complainers.

And maybe we can’t all agree on wishing celebrities would STFU about issues of any nature but I personally could deal with seeing a few more movies out of Dinero and a few less politically driven PSAs (although when he said he wanted to fight Trump I thought that was as entertaining as any movie I’ve seen in years). But the idea of condemning any protests is a distinctly unAmerican condemnation. Peaceful protest is as American as immigration, nation-building and apple pie. American examples being War protests, civil rights protests, pro-rights/pro-life protests just to name a few. So to say that a protest is annoying or in some way disruptive to your thoughts, way of life or your way of envisioning the way things work… well, that’s the idea!!! The whole idea of a protest is to be disruptive in the name of bringing attention to your plight. So look at it like this, in a ‘democratic’ system, where the direction of the country is based on choice, it is imperative that you make your point of view known and, equally as important, in a way that leaves an impression. Because although our system is democratic we, unfortunately, depend on elected officials to represent our interests, our plights. Therefore if you feel your interests have not, or in this case will not be represented through political policy than it is your right, your duty, to speak up and there is no more American way to speak up for yourself than protest.

Do I think that the protests were annoying to watch on every channel, disruptive to my passive, unconscious political awareness… yes. But that’s the point because if you don’t like something and you don’t speak up, well then you have passively contributed to the conditions in which you live.

-M. Wheeler

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