Welcoming FarEye to the M12 portfolio

By Abhi Kumar

At M12, we are always on the lookout for entrepreneurs leveraging technology to positively disrupt the enterprise. We’re delighted to welcome FarEye — a SaaS platform for optimizing supply chain and logistics operations — to M12’s portfolio.

Since its founding, FarEye has been reimagining supply chain and logistics infrastructure with advanced digital technologies to empower businesses. The company’s flagship logistics management software supports the entire supply chain — from first-mile seller pick-ups to last-mile delivery to provide end-to-end logistics visibility, ensuring a better customer experience and reduction in operational costs. The team behind the technology keeps customers at the center of every business decision, adapting to changing business environments to drive innovation.

A prime example of this adaptation is FarEye’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time of heightened public health risk, the company has introduced FarEye Serve, a zero-fee logistics platform for seamless movement of groceries and other daily goods. FarEye has made this offer available to organizations delivering essential commodities to ensure that items are delivered on time and safely to customers in lockdown.

From just-in-time logistics optimization to final-mile transportation notifications for end customers, supply chain visibility is a business imperative for organizations, regardless of their size or sector. But tracking supplies has grown increasingly difficult as sourcing spans industries and geographies. The supply chain and logistics industry has been shouldering the weight of legacy infrastructure and inefficient manual processes for decades. A reliance on this outdated infrastructure has kept business managers from truly understanding their supply chain logistics — all at the cost of customer experience and the bottom line.

FarEye — a simple plug-and-play solution — stands out amongst other supply chain options with robust orchestration capabilities. The platform’s predictive intelligence feature empowers businesses to build highly proactive supply chains — an important advantage as dynamic deliveries and routing become the norm.

FarEye’s growing customer loyalty across their 20-country customer base is a testament to the company’s important disruption of the existing supply chain and logistics models. With offices in the U.S. and Europe — in addition to its headquarters in India — FarEye is in full pursuit of global ambitions. At M12, we’re thrilled to contribute to the company’s next phase of growth and look forward to FarEye’s continued success.

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