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M25 2022: Team Year in Review

A quick reflection of all the M25 team did this year.

There’s no denying that the M25 team had a busy 2022. In addition to all things M25-related that we accomplished this year, the team has filled their free time with things from music to organizing events. We’ve collected some data from the entire team to showcase what everyone has been up to this year.

M25 Team on the Map

Whether it be for work or leisure, the M25 team has traveled all across the Midwest this year. While most of the team also ventured outside the region, we wanted to stay on brand by showcasing our map of the Midwest.

All the places in the Midwest the M25 team has visited this year.

The M25 Team’s 2022 in Data Visualizations

The team was asked to share some personal data from this year. From Spotify Wrapped to total number of runs, we’ve highlighted something from everyone on the team below!


Like always, Victor was on the go this year. Running in various locations across the Midwest, Victor shared his Strava map with us and noted that he’s one small street away from running through every single road in his neighborhood.

All the places Victor ran in the Midwest in 2022.


A weighty one from our very own Mike Asem this year! Mike sent over some month-over-month stats for total volume lifted in a workout. The following are the total stats he would lift in one ~60 minute workout:

  • March: 9,500 lbs
  • April: 11,250 lbs
  • May: 13,250 lbs
  • June: 15,625 lbs
  • July: 17,250 lbs
  • August: 17,750 lbs
  • September: 18,240 lbs
  • October: 19,680 lbs
  • November: 20,320 lbs
Mike’s bench press and squat stats from the past year.


M25’s video content celebrity, social butterfly, and music fan Abhinaya is still waiting on her YouTube recap stats, but in the meantime, check out all the events and activities she hosted and organized in the community this year.

All the events that Abhinaya helped organize in the Chicago community.


Leandro was in the top 2% of Spotify users this year. Of those 111,524 total minutes, 20,415 were spent listening to The MMA Hour podcast.

Leandro’s Spotify Wrapped total minutes listened.


Craft enthusiast and hobbyist quilter Katie provided some fabric stats—like “Spotify Wrapped, but for quilting!” (her words, obviously). October was the biggest quilting month as a post-Summit-slump leisure activity.

Katie’s quilting stats from 2022.


Another power user on Spotify, Arianna shared some of her Spotify Wrapped stats for this year’s data visualization. Out of 2,436 artists that Arianna listened to in 2022, Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Billie Eilish and Jess Glynne made it to the top five.

Arianna’s Spotify Wrapped top artists.


This year, Sam traveled across the U.S. for six wedding ceremonies and shredded some dance floors along the way.

Sam’s 2022 wedding and transit recap.


In addition to a few Spotify Wrapped genre stats, Ruth shared workout data from 2022. With a total of 414 workouts this year, HIIT workouts, cycling, walking and strength training topped the charts.

Ruth’s monthly workout stats based on Apple Watch data.
Ruth’s Spotify Wrapped top five music genres.



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