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M2SYS Podcast — eGovernment Solution That Works Seamlessly With Watson Mini Two Print

The fingerprint is one of the most commonly used biometric modalities for government services, and many software and applications are designed with the modality in mind. The Watson Mini is a two-fingerprint scanner that has a history of use for different types of government software. Developing government software that works seamlessly with Watson Mini or any other fingerprint scanner can be a big headache. Keeping this in mind M2SYS has developed the eGov Solution that works Seamlessly With the Watson Mini Two Print device. Ekram and Ifran had a session where they discussed the eGov platform and Watson Mini Two Print.

Podcast Transcript

Ifran: Hi, this is Ifran and I am a Digital Marketing Analyst from M2SYS. Welcome to the first of the many discussions that we gonna have which will involve eGovernment solutions, and different biometric scanners today we will focus on eGovernment solutions and a very special device which is Watson mini two print. Today I have Mr. Ekram with me who is currently working as a Business Automation Engineer at M2SYS. So Ekram, how are you doing today?

Ekram: Yes Hello Ifran thank you for having me here. I am doing well thank you.

Ifran: I am also thrilled to have you on board with me. So let’s start with the eGovernment solution. How does it work? Can you please shed some light on it?

Ekram: Yeah sure. eGovernment solutions basically refer to the use of information technology that amplifies the efficiency of the government services that are provided to the public. It is one of the most effective forms of Government to Citizen, Citizen to Government, and Government to Business solutions. Such solutions are very popular all around the world. These solutions have led to the digital revolution of governments across many countries. It ensures governments’ access to information, and data security, and reduces the load of paperwork and manual processes which require human intervention.

Ifran: So it’s clear that different governments around the world have different policies and processes. What are the challenges one might face when they want to build an eGovernment solution from scratch?

Ekram: That’s a very good question. Having an eGovernment solution may sound very promising or enticing. However, the fact is that building a fully functional eGovernment solution is very very challenging. Let me tell you why:

The first thing you need to get a solution like this in your hand is finding the right team. Assembling a team to work for you in a large-scale project like this can be really difficult. You need the right set of developers for these projects that are focused and aligned with your goals and what you want to achieve. They need to feel the same way about your project they way you feel. This is very important.

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