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What to look for when hiring a Virtual Assistant? Keywords: Women, virtual assistant, delegating, systems.

So, are you finally thinking about hiring a virtual assistant for yourself? That is the right move, as you must find someone to help you do all mundane tasks so that you can focus on your ‘actual work.’ Moreover, virtual assistants are affordable to hire and will help you with tasks that can’t be automated while saving you big when it comes to the cost.

Now that you are looking for a virtual assistant, here’s a brief guide on choosing the right one.

What Qualifications to Look for in an Assistant?

Before going into the skills, let’s talk about the qualifications that you should look for in a virtual assistant:


Your virtual assistant will be handling a lot of your sensitive information ranging from your email addresses to the credit details of your clients. It is crucial that you look for an assistant that displays honesty during the interview. Call their references to vet them before hiring.


Although the assistant will handle your mundane tasks, these tasks are also very important as many of your major operations depend on them. So, you wouldn’t want to worry about the completion of these tasks. Hence, look for a reliable assistant whom you can count on to handle the tasks efficiently.

Multitasking Abilities

While some professions don’t need multitasking and prefer people with focus. You must look for someone who is great at multitasking while looking for your virtual assistant because they have to juggle between tasks. From organizing tasks to handling clients to managing schedules, make sure to find an assistant that can keep the ball rolling.

Works well under Pressure

Another qualification to look for in an assistant is whether he or she can work well under pressure and in a challenging situation or not. The client doesn’t know about all the tasks that an assistant is handling. Hence the assistant must keep their calm and treat every client, making them feel that they are the top priority while handling the tasks properly under pressure as well.

What Skills to Look for in an Assistant?

Here are the skills that you must look for in your assistant:

Communication Skills

Since a virtual assistant has to deal with clients on a daily basis, he or she must have great communication skills. From communicating well on texts, emails, and chat to talking to them properly in person, make sure your virtual assistant to be has the best skills when it comes to communicating.

Computer Skills

A virtual assistant must be great at computer skills as well as they would be working on the computer most of the time. From typing efficiently to navigating the internet proficiently and being familiar with management software and project management programs, they should be familiar with top trends of your niche industry.

Planning and Scheduling Skills

Among the most important tasks of a virtual assistant are the planning and scheduling of the tasks. A virtual assistant must be able to handle all your work while maximizing your time to fit more tasks into your schedule. A good assistant will make things work for you proficiently while using the trending scheduling tools and programs.

Accounting Skills

A virtual assistant must also have basic accounting skills. From simple accounting software usage to notifying the clients for paying their bills and monitoring expenses, an assistant must be able to handle these basic accounting tasks.

Wrap Up

So, go ahead and hire a virtual assistant with the help of our guide for increasing your productivity by focusing on your actual work.

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