‘Changers’ Vs. ‘Stayers’

Certain people have the urge to push boundaries, make change, build on things. Conversely some people are content with keeping things the way they are, small changes and focus on stability.

Both these archetypes are important in business, they just play different roles, and each has their quirks.

The ‘Changer’ by their very nature tend to be great for innovation and starting something within the organisation.

The ‘Stayer’ will be around long after the ‘Changer’ has gotten bored of this challenge and moved onto the next project or the next company.

The ‘Stayer’ is usually responsible for the 1% tweaks the optimise products/projects.

Next major project you undertake, think about who your ‘Stayers’ are, bring them along for the journey, let them see the end goal, but don’t make it their responsibility — they don’t like that much change. Let them run it once the ‘Changers’ are done.

Everyone has their role.