Good attitude, good customers

In business, you can’t take a single customer for granted. There is nearly always someone willing to try to take them from you.

If you treat each interaction as if they are the only one that matters, you may be surprised by the paradigm shift in how you interact and their attitudes.

When you deal with companies that generally give off the vibe that you are just a number, you are more inclined to psych yourself up ready to get on the offensive to get what you want. This rarely results in the most equitable solution for both parties… either one party or both lose out, I feel both lose out in the end.

Inevitably a customer may have a concern or problem with you, if up until that point you have made their experience exceptional, they are more likely to approach you in a manner that will enable you to work through a solution. If you work through it, they hopefully leave happy and you keep your customer.

Note: not all customers can be made happy, but that is another post.