Simplicity in all aspects. Take a different perspective.

There is something to be said for the simple act of looking at a problem from a different perspective to try finding a solution or a better way to do it. When you work on your own products, you can often become too close to the product. You are the subject matter expert so it is hard to see the faults; it is hard to see the other ways that the same task could be completed.

Wherever possible, communications such as instructions or labelling should be clear, concise and straightforward. It is a very fine balance between being direct and adding marketing flair to copy.

There is a little test that you can do when creating instructions or explanations just to see whether you have been as clear and concise as possible. I take the copy that I have written, paste it into Google Translate and translate it all to Spanish. Then I take than output and translate it back to English. Can I get all the information I need? This is not a foolproof method, but it gives you a different perspective — and sometimes that is all you need to see things clearer.

If you are looking at a product or the use of the product, try using with your non-dominant hand. What are the issues that you find? Try and use the product behind your back, what happens if you can’t see it? Can you still operate it? These are just little tasks that you can do to get a different perspective.

Everyday you complete tasks, mundane tasks, but if you take a different perspective you might find there are better ways to complete the same task. You might find simpler ways to complete those tasks.

Once you take away your pre-existing knowledge, you can find ways to improve your product through making it truly simple. Simple to understand and simple to use. It just requires a little perspective.