Staff churn — opportunity?

It is generally accepted that it is not great to see a good staff member go, as with most things in life, if you look for it you can put a positive spin on it, especially if you believe you are a good company.

Possible benefits of losing a key staff member:

  • Advocate in market. First question at a new job is ‘where did you used to work?’ If you are supportive of their decision you give them a good story to tell and 20 staff at a competitor know that your company is great to work for.
  • Actual unbiased feedback. A well structured exit interview can give you many insights into the perception of the company, management, and future of the company from the internal team. This fully transparent honest feedback is rare — don’t ignore it.
  • Opportunity to mix it up. It allows for a great time to make some other changes needed with a greater chance of uptake in that team, when that role is replaced, they only know the new changes.
  • Career growth for others. See which job functions can be picked up by others. This may add some responsibility to juniors to reward good work or just fill under utilised staff. If you do this, you can either reallocate some of that role to add support or alternative add new functionality to that role to improve business.

Either way, you have the choice to take it personally and feel deflated, or you can look for positives and improve your business — up to you.