Start specific, later for global domination

Many entrepreneurs and many business people dream of creating the next big thing. This is a completely understandable goal, it’s rewards are many, profitability and notoriety are just two, and I think they are more the measure these people use, their actual reward is the feeling of achievement, that all the work and all the effort were worth it.

There are two main risks with this are:

1) This is also the goal of many others, this make success very difficult, and relies on far more than just having the best product.

2) This success can be fleeting; the attention span of the global audience can be cruelly short at times.

Sometimes you need to aim for that domination, but in much smaller quantities. Aim to be the next big thing within a very specific industry or sector.

The more specific your target audience is, the easier they are to market to, often then there are also less competitors aiming for a shot at the title as well.

In short, set your goals high, but very specific. Once you dominate your market, then you can aim to dominate the globe.